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I’m sorry to bother you with some technical stuff here… but could all of you dear followers subscribe again here. (to the right)
There was a problem and when I moved the blog from to we could not move my subscribers as well!

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update redesign

okok… I guess I was a little to uber-exited when I saw the new blog online on my mobile phone in the morning! And instantly posted the prepared “REDESIGN” post!
Unfortunately, there are some bugs left… and we need to fix them… please be patient… the new blogdesign will be online sometime soon!


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redesign by polarfux

Hi everyone. I’m sooooo exited to share with you the  N E W  a tree for 2.
I was working on this for the last couple of weeks (besides of the sewer, the floor-heating and the wooden walls…! tight schedule I tell’ya!) It was programmed and realized through the wonderful team at Polarfux. Gregor and Andreas are two really talented folks and they have the cutest little studio dog … Pixel! (what a charming name for such a cutie pie!)
Thanks to Gregor who was really patient with me. I’m a pro when it comes to photography or renovating a house (not really) but I really suck at all the programming and backstage-things a blog requires. So I was really thankful and lucky to be in good hands at Polarfux.

Respeeeeect!.. to all the ladies and gents out there hosting, designing, managing and editing their blogs themselfs!
I’m going to explain all the new additions and changes in my next post. Please let me know what you think about the redesign! Hope you like it as much as I do!

footnote: for all of you who wonder, the last photo was taken with a tilt-shift lens

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empty house

We worked so hard the last week… had several night shifts scheduled to be ready for the floor fill we are waiting to get. First there will be a leveling layer for bringing all the different heights to one level and it also works as a thermal insulation layer. On top of that we are going to lay our floor heating system (I’m curious if we can manage to do this on our own… we will see in a few days! .. hahaha. always sticking to my naive construction-world-view!)
First we needed to cover all the wooden walls (at least on the floor to prevent the fill floor taking over in the wooden construction). We did this in several night shifts along the week (which is the worst! let me tell you that!) Speaking of we I mean: Martin, Schorsch and I.
As well as we needed to make the basic electicity works: installing all the cable-pipes where they should lead to and pulling the cables through those channels. (I worked hard with my cousin Robert on the weekend! Thank you Robert for beeing extra patient with me as I’m not a electrician and for your great work!)… although this (photo below) looks much more like a fancy art object to me than a (almost) working electicity supply!
The wooden box is where our shower will be. It’s installed so that the fill floor doesn’t go underneath the shower).

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BlogF and McGyver

Hello, guess what! We’ve been interviewed by the lovely ladies of BlogF (a german-speaking-blog-feed-plattform for female bloggers).
Read through my answers and the article at BlogF.

By the way I love the title of the interview: “if McGyver wants to built a treehouse…”
I’m a true McGyver fan so I’m totally flattered! Thank you Sylvia and Marlies was a pleasure working with you!
(It’s in german; sorry for all my english-speaking-readers.)

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working sewer – part 2

I’ve already mentioned the wonderful day we got all the plumbing done for our sewer pipes and that everything happend before lunch! (on some days everything goes according to plan … and if it doesn’t: Stop doing that and think what you could do instead, or call it a day and go to the movies or something).

In the afternoon the sun came out and we worked a little more on our sewer: covered the drains with soil and sand and Martin did his favorite job at the site: playing working in the garden with his tractor!
We were in good company as my cousin Andrea and her son Toby visited us at the treehouse.
Martin and Toby worked really hard on leveling our garden!
Toby instantly tried the new off-road-bike trail! and I think he liked it!
After that we’ve explored the new VELUX windows and the view on top of our treehouse.
Toby and Martin had a little chat about cars, tractors and boy-stuff and relaxed in the sunshine on some self-installed ACC-block benches while looking at their work and the leveled garden! Excellent job boys!

It was a really special afternoon we spend together as we normally just see eachother only once (or less) a year (face to face. of course we keep in touch via skype). Andrea lives with her husband Ben (Hi mate!) and Toby in Sydney! I really miss them!

I whish beaming (in the star-trek sense of definition) would already be invented… I’d love to drop by them every now and then for a yummy “pizza Musico” and some o’clock drink in their garden Down Under!

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working sewer! yeah!

Do you remember a few weeks ago I told you about our sewer-fail-weekend.
Although we tried to ignore this topic (at a site there are always things that need to be done … destractions are everywhere!) we knew that we had to do something about it…. so we tried (the installing part) again… this time around with better conditions.
We already prepared some holes a few weeks ago with our crew and we had a company hired to drill through our foundation of solid reinforced concrete. (have a look at the drill core – looks almost like Terrazzo!) They did a great job winding through 1m of concrete and steel.
kanal_01 kanal_02
The bigger problem now was the old existing sewer pipe we had to install our new one to. The municipal administration refused to renew the pipe underneath the street so we had to work with the existing old ceramic tube. yeah!
kanal_4 kanal_5 kanal_6 kanal_8
Martin removed the part of the tube that was broken and full of cracks and we installed our new tube to the first solid part of the existing one.
After the first few pipes were set everything looked pretty good and we worked our way from the existing sewer level towards the house and our hole in the foundation.
My Dad messuring the level of the big cleaning shaft. And some roots… with a giant tree next to your house you have to deal with roots almost EVERYWHERE!
kanal_9 kanal_10
The tube was installed through the foundation of the extension and the house into our basement.
Martin and my Dad ajusting the last parts of the pipeline.
we’ve been really glad to cross this one off our list!
(and all of that happend before lunch! I love those days when everything is working out so well!)
I’ll get back to you what we did in the afternoon. stay tuned.

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getaway … to Graz

As one of my favorite bloggers Bre wrote lately – it’s important to treat yourself every once in a while. The best treat while being stuck in such a renovation project as we are is some LEISURE TIME!
That’s why I surprised Martin a few weeks ago with a small “thank you note” and voucher to short escape to Graz. I booked a night in one of the most beautiful Hotels I’ve ever been to. It was amazing. Everything was just perfect! The food, the staff, the room, the design…
We were also able to take Gustav with us because dogs are welcome in the Hotel Wiesler. Yeah!
As we entered the room we were just amazed by all the great design and beautiful, modern interior. Stunning, I tell y’all!
Look at the cute little “bookhouses” next to the bed! Love them and can’t wait to DIY them.
And I cannot tell you how much I loved the bathroom. It was an ensuite, with metro tiles (really rare in Austria!) and the idea of glass brick for the bathroom dividing-wall is great too!
After we had a yummy meal at the Speisesaal downstairs we must force us to go for a walk with Gustav (because the room was just to beautiful and cosy to leave it!)
Gustav wore his little hoodie.. I know that is kind of cheesy. But Pitbulls have an almost naked belly and really short hair, so as we (unfortunately) don’t live in sunny California we need to cover him to keep him warm during the chilly Austrian fall/winter season.
Also a beautiful feature in the room are two raw walls.. with all the different old paint layers left as they are. (we are thinking of doing the same with one wall in the treehouse)
The next day I surprised myself:
Normally I’m more the “taking-a-shower-girl”… but in the morning when the boys went out for a walk I couldn’t resist taking a bath in the beautiful tub surrounded by the oriel windows with an amazing view.. I kind of getting the idea what all the “taking-a-bath-lovers” are talking about.


the Speisesaal in the morning
Good bye Hotel Wiesler! Hope to see you again sometime soon!

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